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Friends Forever

BABIES by Rachee36
BABIES, a photo by Rachee36 on Flickr.

everyone needs at least one friend in their life who is always there to remind you what a gift true friendship is


50 Education Technology Tools You Can Start Using Today – Edudemic


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Finding the best education technology tools is a time-consuming task. It may even be viewed as a chore (for some). Not with this fabulous list, though!

Rachael La Rochelle‘s insight:

As most of you probably already know, there is a vast amount of resources on the internet for teachers to choose from. As a matter of fact, there is so much Education Technology out there that it is competely overwhelming for new or preservice teachers who arent that familiar with EdTech resources.. It can be especially scary for people that aren’t that familiar with the internet in general.

I wish someone would have given me this Symbaloo webmix when I first started researching EdTech programs and resources because it would have saved me alot of frustration and about 3 or 4 months of my time.  This webmix has everything that is worth finding in it.  Enjoy!!

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