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My reaction to “Here Comes Everybody” by Clay Shirky

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After I read Clay Shirky’s article “Here Comes Everybody” I was left with an uneasy feeling.  The same feeling I get when I think about Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.  The uneasiness comes from knowing that no matter how hard I try to protect my privacy, social media will prevail 100% in invading it.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a MySpace page, have a Facebook page and am a member of so many sites that I have to keep a journal of all my usernames and passwords.  I am just grateful that Facebook came out after I had finished high school.

As a victim of bullying, from 8th grade until the middle of my senior year of high school when I finally decided to leave the high school I was attending for independent study, I cringe when I think about what my life would have been like if Facebook had been around.  I realize that social media is not all bad and that many amazing, positive things have happened because of the power of social media but I can’t shake the feeling of how traumatizing and life altering those 5 years were for me.

I guess it comes down to knowing that whatever mistakes you may have made growing up as a teenager will literally follow you into adulthood, lurking in some deep, dark crevice of the internet waiting to come out when you least suspect it or when you have finally put past where it belongs…in the past.

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