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“When the walls came down and the windows came up” by Thomas Friedman

Cover of "The World is Flat: A Brief Hist...

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Listening to Thomas Friedman give his talk at MIT on his new book, “The World is Flat“, he emphasized what I had already been thinking and feeling for a while now; which is that is we are living in exponential times and  only some us are of aware of it and the rest are still sleeping, as Friedman describes it.  When PCs and the internet were first introduced the public they were not the user friendly, lightweight, fit-in-your-pocket super-computers  we know today. And they were no where close to as affordable. If you wanted to check your email or surf the web you to a.) make sure that you were not expecting any important phone calls and b.)check to see if any one had to use the phone because once you started  the dial up connection it could be hours or, for some days, before the phone lines were free.  Around 1996 or ’97, I will never forget trying to call one of my girlfriends and every time I called I  got a buy signal…..for two straight.  That year her mom had bought a PC and  discovered the web; it was a couple of years before she came up for air.  Read the rest of this entry

Bob in a box

Bob in a box by Rachee36
Bob in a box, a photo by Rachee36 on Flickr.

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Here is Bob…squeezing all 18lbs of himself in yet, another confined space. Bob does not discriminate he loves them all; boxes, bags, suitcases, the kitchen sink and most recently a purse. After you get over how cute he is lying in his box check out his paws!!! HUGE 🙂

Shift Happens




There is one line in Shift Happens that puts things in to perspective about the times we are living in when it says that, “we are living in exponential times”.  I often feel overwhelmed as of I will never have enough time to get the tings done I need to for school or work in order to keep up with the rest of the crowd.  As a student I often feel conflicted as well because I actually LOVE technology but it seems like no matter how much I try to prepare myself or educate myself I am always scrambling to try and keep up because everything is so new to me.  I think that because I am interested in learning and using technology I often get distracted by it when I am trying to get something done for school. I feel so old  with I am about to say but I wish things could slow down long enough for me to catch up.